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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news we have brand-new details about the investigation into the deadly u.s. consulate attack. we have reports from tripoli and washington. >> gregg: plus why one school system ban add time honored event between fathers and daughters. our legal panel weighs in on the controversial decision. >> heather: and hundreds of firefighters are battling massive wildfires in washington state. we will tell you if the weather will work for them or against
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them. >> gregg: but we begin with the race for the white house. governor mitt romney is on his way to colorado after doing some time, fund-raising in southern california. now, the first step in what his advisors are calling, quote, an intense battleground state schedule. tonight he will have the space to himself in the state that will help decide who wins the presidential contest. chief political correspondent carl cameron on the phone from l.a. how is this debate here in california or at least the contest important? >> reporter: for california and mitt romney it's important about the money. he has raised in the last few days around los angeles and san san francisco some $9 million. no one expects him to be
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competitive in the general election. tomorrow he will be going to colorado and first time he has been there in seven weeks. so much time has been spent fund-raising. he has taken a fair amount of heat from republicans in conveying ideas. he will go to colorado tonight, exactly ten days before the first presidential debate will take place in colorado. its clear signal from the romney campaign they hit the state seriously and they have an opportunity to win. tomorrow paul ryan will kick off a bus tour in ohio and romney will join him on tuesday. leaving los angeles now headed for colorado for the event in denver tonight. remainder of the week he plans to accelerate it pretty hard. this is the first weekend he has worked fund-raising both saturday and sunday in more than a month. there is clear recognition that the sprinted is here. they have to step it up to catch barack obama but also to keep
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the republican base that he needs happy and shows he's got the necessary energy to go through with the campaign. >> gregg: has there been some criticism that the romney campaign hasn't been campaigning hard enough? >> yeah, when the president is campaigning couple times and there is close fund-raisers. there have been complaints that the fund-raisers didn't make him accessible enough to the public. so they opened up the fund-raising event opened to the cameras, but you have to remember, donors are already in the camp. this week is the big ramp up for it. part of what the are trying to do is set the tone for the debate season. this will be a great deal of emphasis for the economy and jobs. he will expand it to more broader choices. tight frameworks this is really a reelection of barack obama and three years of failure hasn't
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been able to bring about the change of promise. you'll hear homicidal talking about that and saying some 14 years ago he wanted to redistribute wealth. he will be saying the president isn't prepared to lead the country for next four years. this is the beginning of romney's attempted to set the stage for the debates in colorado ten days from now and he will be in colorado tonight. >> gregg: carl cameron, thanks, carl. >> heather: now to the man whose job governor romney wants. president obama is in washington with no public events scheduled but that is not stopping white house surrogates from hitting the talk shows. days before a big moment in the campaign, the first presidential debate. steve is live in d.c. with more on that. >> reporter: first debate just around the corner, the president's team is now playing
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the expectations game. giving romney the edge. here is obama campaign advisor robert gibbs. >> mitt roysz i think has an advantage because he has been through 20 of these debates in the primaries over the last year. he even bragged he was declared the winner in 16 of those debates. i think in that sense having been through this much more recently than president obama, i think he starts with an advantage. >> reporter: president meanwhile will travel to new york tomorrow to address the united nations general assembly and then he heads to the critical battleground state of ohio. polls show obama leading by a few points in many of the very important swing states. neither supporters nor his opponents are making any predictions at this point. >> we're prepared for a close race. i'm not going to get into the nuances of the polls. some have us much farther ahead but we are prepared for a close race. >> to be honest with you, i
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think if history holds here, undecided voters break against the incumbent, they generally do. this a very close race. i like our positioning. >> reporter: first debate is october 3rd as carl mentioned at the university of denver outside denver. >> heather: looking forward to it. thank you steve centanni. >> gregg: we can tell you that early voting is under way in north carolina, south dakota and idaho. over the next month, 34 states and the district of columbia will allow voters to cast early or absentee ballots. they expect tens of millions of americans, perhaps 40% of voters to turn out. the volume of the pre-election day activity could is your passion 2008 when about 30% the 130 million voters cast in the presidential contest were early.
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>> heather: some are looking ahead to 2016. hillary clinton's name has been floated around as a potential candidate. on a sunday morning talk show her husband, former president bill clinton put his two cents on a potential run. >> she has worked hard for 20 years. we had eight years in white house and she served in new york for 588 years and she is tired. i think she has done a fabulous job. she wants to take some time off, kind of regroup. she is an extraordinarily able person. i never met anybody that i thought was a better public servant. i have no earthly idea what she will decide to do. >> gregg: really? >> heather: secretary of state has said she will step down as secretary of state when
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president obama first term ends. >> gregg: i'm sure he would be stunned if she decided to run. major developments out of libya, giving government illegal militia groups 48 hours to get out of there, disband. it's working just one day after angry mobs stormed militia compounds in an apparent attempt at a retaliation at u.s. consulate that killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador. greg palkot is streaming live from tripoli with more. >> reporter: this crackdown on militia has spread to tripoli today. authorities say security forces have gotten gains from several bases here. there was some shooting not too far from us this morning but generally it went out problems. all this prompted by the public anger and that violence coming from eastern libyan city of benghazi. militants have been tied to
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security throughout the country and they could be tied to the killing of chris stevens. folks here have had enough. the compound was ransacked. militia members were killed. they are going for illegitimate and abandon their bases by tuesday. some are skeptical that this will happen but still, trouble some groups, have left problems in two different cities. and the events could be seen by the public backed by the government wreaking their own revenge for the killing of stevens and three americans. maybe it's a good thing because what we understand from our discussions with officials here in benghazi the probe in the killing is going know where fast. we are told by officials they have nothing knew to report that. and we're told the f.b.i. team to come in to investigate the
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killing remains here in tripoli. according to all reports they have not reached benghazi amidst new concerns in tampering with the crime scene in benghazi and new concerns that the bad guys might be getting away. this militia crackdown means that the militants, possible suspects are being forced out of their bases maybe to parts unknown. back to you. >> gregg: thank you very much. now to pakistan where anti-american demonstrateders are taking to the streets yet again. the peaceful crowd chanting and holding signs reading down with america and israel. there were no reports of violence, but this comes after days of riots and dozens of people killed and clashes with police around the country. >> gregg: in nigeria, a bomber killing two people and injuring dozens more. his target was a mosque but a
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gate stopped him from actually causing more death and destruction. witnesses say the car bomber slammed his car into the fence and then detonated his explosives into the parking lot. they say the two victims killed in the attack were women and a child. so far no group has claimed responsibility. >> heather: unrest in the muslim world renewing age old debates on religion and freedom of speech. an apparent insult against islam is being held up by some as the reason behind these violent protests but the chaos leaves people asking how it could draw such incredible outrage. lauren green is live in our new york newsroom. >> reporter: there is quite a disparity between the world reacts to insults and islam versus against other religions. what you about to see happened long before an amateur film
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sparked violence across the middle east. >> armed libyans in benghazi desecrating the graves of christians and jews. one breaks the cross of a dome. on egyptian and saudi tv they discuss why we hate the jews and must kill them all. and iranian feature film a rabbi turns his grandson into a killer of muslims and calls for the destruction of islam. they say for years the airwaves in iran and pakistan have been saturated with programming that is anti-at the mitt particular, christian and hindu and other faiths. >> other religions, anti-the west is huge. it goes into every single program. sometimes it goes cooking programs. >> reporter: this vitriole is
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not met with violence but anti-islam film brought apologies from the u.s. government. >> we absolutely reject its content. >> reporter: here first amendment protection allows the entertainment world turns a blind eye mocking religion especially christianity. whereas when it comes to mocking islam there is a different standard. they say the anti-islam film should be a wake-up call to hollywood to respect all religions even those to turn the other cheek. >> when hollywood makes fun of pastors, of rabbis it's a bit of compliment in a sense that they know that those communities will not respond with violence. it may say something about how mature we've become with the innocence of muslims, i think
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you have a teachable moment for the muslim community. >> reporter: they pointed out that americans are steeped in ideology of religious freedom and freedom of speech but in many muslim countries there is no separation of church and state. there is no idea of freedom of speech and church and state. >> heather: this is really what people are talking about. thank you. >> gregg: and firefighters in washington state making some headway battling massive wildfires there. dangerous lightning storms are in forecast. the sheriff's department is warning folks they should be prepared to leave if conditions get worse. thousands of firefighters have been working for weeks to keep flames away from neighborhoods. >> i grew up going to the place that is just heaven on earth. they have had to contemplate the potential, talking to my son about this, what will we do if everything burns?
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>> gregg: the wildfires have destroyed more than 140,000 square miles so stay tuned. >> heather: desperate search on the way, half a dozen hikers are missing after an avalanche. >> and white house remaining silent after more questionable comments from the vice president. is the vp getting a free pass? we'll debate it coming up. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations. with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for a check of headlines, syrian opposition leaders holding a meeting with western and iranian diplomats. they are calling for the overthrow of president assad. but some say they allowed the meeting so political reform despite 18 months of violent crackdowns. an avalanche in nepal kills nine climbers. they were heading for the summit of the eighth highest mountain in the world. this is sad story. they are trying to figure out why a week old panda cub died this morning. there were no obvious signs of
4:20 pm
trauma or infection. >> gregg: the jobless rate has dropped 8.1%. it is often pointed out the number doesn't take into account for the folks that have stopped looking for work. according to a report in washington times. the group of work force dropouts is much more diverse than anybody realized. this as business week reports that unemployment is on the rise on o in half of the ten swing states, wisconsin, new hampshire north carolina and nevada. let's turn now to brenda buttner who knows all this stuff. which is why we turn to you all the time. who are these folks? >> take a look at the age spectrum. first of all, there are people that are retiring. the retirement of the baby boom generation. we have been expecting that for a while. people are retiring earlier because they might lose their jobs, they don't bother looking. there is that huge group over
4:21 pm
there. on the other age, there are younger folks and they are staying in school. they are relying on mom and dad. they are bringing student debt loans is now 1 trillion dollars. they are not looking for work yet bethe are trying to boost it up. there are millions of people that are frustrated. they can't find work. they have been on unemployment benefits for as long as they can go and now they are not looking. in order to be considered unemployment you have to be looking for a job. >> gregg: if some of these workers were accounts for, where would they be? >> estimates are all over the map. one predictable one is if that middle group were all of a sudden jump back into the labor marketed our unemployment would go up to 10%. underemployment rate which a group of people who have dropped out or working part time and
4:22 pm
would like to work full time is up near 15-16%. >> gregg: what about the swing states? >> really important. five of the ten battleground states in the presidential election, unemployment late has gone up. now in some of those, we're talking about new hampshire, iowa, wisconsin, nevada and north carolina, in some of those the unemployment rate is still not that high. we could wish for what new hampshire and iowa have which is about 5.5%. nevada highest in the nation at 12.1%. there is no way that economics and economy will not be the focus in those important swing states. >> gregg: in terms of the overall electoral picture what does it mean? >> it is how you are doing. if you feel, you don't have a job and not able to find one. in those important states, where unemployment may not be that high but still going up, you know that the focus is going to be on the economy. that is where we're going to be
4:23 pm
headed. >> gregg: brenda, thanks very much. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: coming up, shocking details on the deadly u.s. consulate attack that killed four brave americans. f.b.i. on the ground in benghazi could it be a an inside job? new information you need to hear. >> gregg: and amazing journey across the u.s., warriors riding for a very good cause. why the marines are making their way to ground zero. >> what sparked it we wanted to continue to serve even after being in the marine corps for five years we want to help the families of our friends who are still in service. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening.
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>> heather: it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, we're talking about gas prices dropping over the past two weeks by less than a penny. not good news for drivers, average price is 3.83. >> gregg: iran threatening to attack u.s. bases in the region if israel starts a war with the regime. saying that israel cannot attack them without u.s. involvement. that makes all u.s. military bases a target. >> heather: thousands of firefighters in washington state making headway battling massive wildfires. wildfires have already destroyed more than a 140 square miles. >> i'm candid. i have a bad habit of being candid. [ applause ]
4:29 pm
>> so people would say, joe, it's probably true. >> gregg: vice president biden speaking his candid comments in new hampshire included a put down of a secretly reported comment by governor mitt romney. >> heather: during that, governor said about 47% of the country will vote for the president no matter what. here is mr. biden's take on that >> talking about romney's view that we don't owe, he doesn't owe the 30% or 47% of american anything. those people out there are people like all of us. >> heather: so are liberals giving the vice president a free pass when it comes to his questionable statements. and chairman of former out reach of mccain presidential campaign
4:30 pm
and margie ri and president of momentum analysis. let's start with the vice president's comment regarding the 47%. obviously that is out of context because in recording governor romney said his word, my job is not to worry about those people who will vote for president obama no matter what. clearly referring to while he was campaigning for president, not anything he would do as president. so does the vice president really not realize that or is he intentionally misleading the public? >> i think it's a lot more from that comment. the phrases that the vice president use and you can't blame the vice president. he said those people are victims. he described half of the electorate as victims.
4:31 pm
those were his words. two-thirds of those people pay taxes, two, it includes students and elderly and veterans. three, you have a lot of leading republicans and conservatives this week calling mitt romney stupid, arrogant, a rolling calamity. that is from his own party. >> heather: but he was referencing people that will vote for obama that will not vote for him. >> joe biden has been doing all along. he assuming his designated campaign role is spin propaganda. americans lead busy lives and they don't have time to tune in on daily basis. so mitt romney says most outrageous thing on the stump to keep mitt romney on defense. here is the despicable part. when joe biden goes too far, y'all back in chains? that is joe being joe.
4:32 pm
we know he is a little unstable. let's be honest. you can't control him. this is joe biden's job, that is dispense propaganda. >> heather: ford makes a good point. this is a question i have. do we not expect more from the vice president? is it a case he has done this so much that we lowered our expectations for vice president. we kind of expect him to make these comments? >> that is absolutely right. >> there are few things. first of all, i think the joe biden is the same joe biden that the president picked as his running mate in 2008. you can't say the same thing about mitt romney. mitt romney is in his sixth or seventh rebooted and joe biden is somebody who loves american people. mitt romney in that case and other times seems contentious of the very people he wants to represent. >> you can spin it any way you
4:33 pm
want it. >> i have some data, and polls, we collect polls all over the country and outlets and joe biden currently the average, he is more favorable than unfavorable and so is the president. >> heather: so in terms of the romney campaign, this is what they say in reference to vice president biden. they say their word, continues to double down on the same false attack and abysmal policies that have failed to turn around our economy. so is the obama administration allowing biden to say whatever he wants as a means of distraction to avoid talking about policy? >> that is absolutely right. he is basically the obama campaign totie and his job is to keep the pedal on the gas solely so mitt romney never gets into a position to say, hey, i can make america recover faster than
4:34 pm
president obama. he will improve the lives of all americans over the next four years. they are trying to run out the clock and joe biden is secret weapon. he is carrying the water for the obama campaign. >> heather: i want you both to answer. when we began our segment we had the vice president talking about candid. he said that is what people expect from me. is it a matter of being candid or is it a matter of lying? >> as i said before. he could have gone a lot farther. he wasn't lying when mitt romney sounded like that. >> romney-ryan plan is going to keep seniors off medicare. he is lying. >> their plan would change medicare as we know it. that what the "wall street journal" said. >> what about people over 55. >> it would get rid of
4:35 pm
prescription -- it would reopen. >> you guys are lying and intentionally misleading. >> bipartisan tax policy center released a report that romney is going to raise taxes on 55% of the americans. >> fact check checked that and that in fact is not true. that would not raise middle-class taxes by $2,000 and promises to lower middle-class taxes. there we go. thank you very much for joining us. bye-bye. >> gregg: be traditional father-daughter dinner dance is in jeopardy in one school district all because the aclu maybe there is discrimination. what about that? >> so much fun to me i couldn't even imagine banning it for any reason. i don't believe you should let anything overshadow something
4:36 pm
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>>. >> gregg: you are going to find this hard to believe. father-daughter dances get a pass in one rhode island district. a single mother is suing because her daughter didn't have a dad to dance. the local mother-son ballgame brings state discrimination and local family upset. >> i thought it was a good idea that me and victoria would go. she fell in love with it. >> it's fun because i get to spend time with my dad. >> it's become a tradition for us. >> not everybody has a father in
4:41 pm
their life. we figured a lot of kids around here have someone else in their life they could bring. >> gregg: there is issue of gender stereotyping and aclu should this foster the notion that girls formal dances and boys prefer baseball games. that is quote. this type of gender stereotyping out dating notions of girl and boy activities. well, what wo do we think about this. lis wiehl joins us and joey jackson? >> we're going to ban apple pie. this is crazy, title 9 and son and daughter, i want my daughters to have opportunities my son has. but there is an exemption something that is comparable for fathers and daughters and problem in rhode island the aclu
4:42 pm
saying it's much broader but don't ban all the kid from these events. >> gregg: i'm guilty of this. can we put up the picture of grace. >> you have to bring the kids. >> gregg: it's all about me. daddy's other dinner dance three years ago and we had the most wonderful time. do you have the picture of grace. grace and i why dancing, there we are. we were just having a wonderful time. i'm guilty. >> listen, gregg, now i have seen you dancing with your daughter. i cannot disagree with you. she is good dancer and you are going along for the ride. it is political correctness run amok. rhode island has this law and law says i can't do it. so very easily, what are we going to do. lis is ride there is that
4:43 pm
exemption in the federal code but there is state conflict. so contact your local legislator and say it's too politically correct. >> the problem is you pass a state resolution, absolutely. they are in the works of doing that. but the problem is we spending taxpayer dollars when we should be putting our money into dances and putting our money into baseball games. get me and jacob on square dancing thing. >> gregg: i didn't see that. >> they are spending tax payer dollars on this. do we need to sue over this? >> what you call it ladies choice night, whatever it is and you can have the guys because all you need is comparable event for another gender. so the boys can have boys choice. ladies have ladies choice and girls and everybody is all
4:44 pm
happy. >> but aclu, that is why they are bringing the suit. here is the point. they are breaking do you know and banning everything. no father-daughter games or events, no mother-son things. no baseball games. all the kids -- these are kids. >> easiest way to do it rhode island, in 2001 they were the second state in the country to have a transgender law that protected transgender against discrimination. what you do, you just pass a law that says there is an exemption and everyone is happy. >> it's already in title nine. >> that is the problem, lis. >>. states are sovereign. >> and who is going to pay for this. >> you have much more than me,
4:45 pm
lis. come on. >> gregg: can we put up one more shot of grace and me dancing. come. on there is grace and me. she is actually driving a car right now. she is 16. >> very frightening you are my next-door neighbor almost. >> they will get it right. >> it's important to be politically correct. you guys are the best. thank you so much. >> heather: new voter i.d. controversy the country's largest civil rights group is suing one state over a single thing on the november ballot. dangerous crash caught on tape. we'll show you what happened next. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult.
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>>. >> heather: country's largest civil rights group trying to stop michigan from asking voters that they are u.s. citizens. they are suing the secretary of state ruth johnson accusing her of using voter suppression
4:50 pm
tactics. but johnson is telling this. we have new data that has confirmed that we had as many as 4,000 non-citizens oh our voter roles. i don't think this should be a partisan issue. it's a common sense issue. if you are not a citizen and you should not be voting. it's against the law and constitution and our american way. >> the aclu has a different opinion. >> it's confusing. it's not necessary. it's going to slow down the line. >> of course, you have to be a citizen to vote. she is just creating a problem that is completely unnecessary. >> heather: so who is right? rusty humphries a national syndicated talk show host and ellen ratner a fox news contributor.
4:51 pm
let's say you are in michigan and you have this michigan application and you have the box that you have to check if you are a citizen. please explain to me why it would you confuse you and why it would slow things down? >> are they putting more stumbling blocks in the way. is this the way of slowing things down so that minorities or people hoe are not as fluent in english and therefore sometimes vote more democratic will be suppress today vote? that is really the question that comes up. yes, she said there as many as 4,000 people that are noted u.s. citizens. usually when you go to register to vote they do ask you to show some proof of identification. where you live or something like that. this is just one more block in the way so they can do that. >> heather: but why would that be confusing? you either know you are a
4:52 pm
citizen or not. it takes to seconds to check the box? >> the question is whether this is an extra piece of paper work or whether this is just simply part of the procedure. if it's part of procedure, fine. it sounds like it's extra piece of paper work they are now adding on top of things. that is called voter suppression >> actually from what i understand it's actually a check box they put on the ballot. are you a citizen or not. it is very simple. showing i.d. or showing you are a citizen is absolutely basic. the idea that you can't check yes or no. reason why they want to do it by checking yes or no they have made it an additional legal penalty. you will be committing more of a felony and prove more if somebody votes illegally. it's a good step. aclu claiming the secretary of state doesn't have the right to do this, secretary of state's office is pretty clear.
4:53 pm
it doesn't mean they are right. >> heather: more claims made in the suit. they say it violates the 14th amendment. equal protection clause, johnson did not go through the required rule making process and give the public a chance to comment on it. but really, isn't this a non-partisan issue and should we all know what it says? >> handy pocket constitution and it says the right of united states citizens should not be denied by the united states. the issue are they putting roadblocks to get more voter suppression to, to make the process more difficult? if there was supposed to be a period of public comment, why didn't the secretary of state do that? >> heather: is that the issue to have the right to vote? >> here the voter suppression that i'm concerned with.
4:54 pm
i'm concerned about the suppression of my vote and your vote, of every single voted that is legitimate vote is being tampered down by illegal votes. there are thousands being cast all the the time and it doesn't take that many illegal votes to sway an election. >> i love you dearly but the fact there are thousands and thousands of illegal votes is absolutely non-proven. >> heather: that is not. have you not seen our series right here on fox done by our own eric shawn weekly talking about the issue. >> i don't mean to intererupted but in michigan there is a study that has proven there was 1400 dead people that voted and hundred illegal felons that voted in the last few elections in michigan alone. voters in florida that have been
4:55 pm
proven illegal voters. we're talking thousands and thousands that we know of. >> florida stats are minuscule and not even enough to swing the gore versus bush election. >> ask al gore how much minuscule votes count. >> heather: and this is something johnson went on to say. she talked about frustrations over the obama administration not helping johnson and others, other states identify non-citizens who are unwittingly perhaps or intentionally registering to vote pre-2008. tell me what the obama administration doing to keep this from happening? >> in fact as i understand the obama administration, the justice department is actually working, there was some disagreement how they were going to work together but with the state of florida that is something i know about, in terms of helping them to correct their
4:56 pm
voter rolls. so they have been doing that and they are working on the voter suppression issue. >> heather: final word? >> final word the reason it is an issue, excuse me, an activist, there was one activist in michigan that refused to check that he was a citizen. he made a big stink about this. this is one voter trying to cause trouble to get more illegitimate votes out there. >> heather: thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> gregg: brand-new polls in the presidential race. a real fight is shaping up. we'll tell you about the battleground states next. ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
>>heather: hello, well to brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >>gregg: topping the news, governor romney begins a critical swing-state tour today. carl cameron will be joining us with that. >>heather: a horrifying crash, caught on tape. we will have more on the shocking accident and how many people were sent to the hospital. >>gregg: a cross-country bicycle ride for fallen american heroes. well talk with a former marine who has peddled to help families of those who have lost their
5:01 pm
lives. >>heather: but, first, developments from libya. unsanctioned militias debanding an the government ordered the groups do break up in 48 hours. this is a day after angry mobs in benghazi stormed compounds protecting against the rogue groups. greg palkot is in tripoli for us. what is the latest? greg: what we are seeing is spread to tripoli. authorities confirm the security forces of the groups from several bases in the country are in the city, up to 11 bases being hit. shootings have kurd -- occurred at one base. this is angered from the violence from the public in benghazi, the libyan city. they have been causing problems throughout the country. the armed militants could be involved in the killing of ambassador stevens.
5:02 pm
the compounds were ransacked. members of the militia were killed. that drove the government to announce the disbanding of the bring grades and abandoning of the bases by tuesday. a lot of folks here are skeptical whether this could happen. but troublesome brigade says they will be leaving their bases from two cities. that is one good sign. >>heather: what does it mean for the investigation into the killing of stevens and others in in the consulate? >>reporter: we have been talking to officials in tripoli and benghazi today. they have nothing new to report
5:03 pm
about the investigation. there are real questions how quickly the investigation is going forward. the libyan president and the group has left today from new york for the opening of the u.n. general assembly. there will not be too much pressure from the top this week. it is confirmed today that the f.b.i. team has been brought into the country to investigate the killing and is remaining in tripoli. no word as to when they will go to benghazi. there are a lot of questions that, perhaps, the bad guys could be getting away in the confusion. this is a very trickery terrain. >>heather: we hope they do not get away. thank you from tripoli. >>gregg: now turning to greece. hundreds of muslims staging an anti-american protest there. tensions are you have high at rally in agentens as the crowd prepared to march to the u.s. embassy. when some demonstrators threw bottles at police, the police then responded with tear gas.
5:04 pm
>>heather: iran issuing new threats to the united states in the event of war. a senior iranian military commander warning iran will target u.s. bases in the middle east, should a war with israel break out. the u.s. and the allies believe that iran is developing nuclear weapons. israel has suggested they might strike iran's nuclear facilities. tehran maintains that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. the iranian president ahmadinejad immediate is here in new york. he is attending the general assembly meeting this week. >>gregg: growing outrage over a series of controversial ads. the start point was yesterday. it will appear the new york city subways and possibly seen by millions of people. now live to our new york city newsroom. >>reporter: the controversial ads going up tomorrow in ten subway stations around new york city could trigger additional
5:05 pm
violence. they read "in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad." muslim activist groups have called them "hate speech," and believe innocent muslims in america will be targeted. >> they will immediately recognize people that could be the target of violence. we do not want this in our nation. (inaudible) >>heather: a blogger who headed a campaign to block construction of an islamic center near ground zero and defends the campaign saying it was mapped before the middle east violence erupted. >> no one is speaking against all muslims. this is being used by those who seek to shut down any discourse and criticism of jihad. as freedom-loving people, we must have this conversation.
5:06 pm
>>heather: the transportation authority is trying to block the ads from going up but the battle was won in court. the court found the regulations on noncommercial ads violated the first amendment and the board may consider revising those regulations at the meeting next week in the executive session. and officials have prevented them from running them on the metro stations. they will be up in new york in a month or so. back to you. checking in on the campaign trail, governor romney is hitting the battle ground state of colorado today and will address a crowd of supports at a rally in denver hours from now. kicking off the five-day tour of
5:07 pm
several key swing states. carl cameron is live for us on the phone. romney is going to california where he has not been in some time, right? >> he has not been there in seven weeks. this, be the first visit. can you hear the overhead in the plane. unlike commercial places, romney's people can use the cell phone and we are taxiing to the runway to get to colorado. he will campaign there tonight, exactly ten days before the first presidential debate will take place in colorado. this is an exercise in trying to up the ground game in key battleground states and will travel to ohio and join paul ryan, his running mate, as part of a bus tour. heel take part in the global initiative meetings in new york talking about foreign policy. throughout this lash week and a half before the first debates,
5:08 pm
he will make the argument that the country simply cannot afford another four years like the last four years, with an emphasis on argue that probe announced the status quo and people cast a vote for him they should not expect anything better than last four years and says president obama does not have the gets to deal with these issues the last four years and romney hopes to put the rough three weeks behind him and get back on offense. >>heather: we have heard about romney having a rough couple of weeks. how is the campaign handling that? >>reporter: they do not dispute the issues and that the polls have shifted in the battle ground states where obama has gotten an edge but most cases in the margin of error.
5:09 pm
the romney campaign has preferred to focus on the tracking polls and looking at the country in its totality. as we get closer and closer to the election day, you need to win the battleground states and that is where the emphasis now is with an attempt to go beyond the focused nature of the economic message to incorporate foreign policy and a range of other issues making the argument that president obama's record is cause for his unelection and romney says he will be bringing the real change to the oval office. health thank you, carl cameron, on the romney campaign plane. he is allowed to use his phone there. >>gregg: all right, an a.t.v. crash caught on tape and three teens injured in the impact. how this turned out is just ahead. >>heather: in the critical final weeks ahead of the election, what do the campaigns
5:10 pm
need to do to push themselves over-the-top?
5:11 pm
5:12 pm
5:13 pm
5:14 pm
>>heather: time for a check of the headlines. egypt's president warning the u.s. that it needs to change its middle east policy. he says that the burden is on the united states to repair relations with the arab world ahead of the general assembly in new york this week. former president bill clinton calling for global action to address the world problems as his global initiative conference is underway. >> it is happy birthday to the boss. bruce springsteen turns 63 today. his 87-year-old mother joined him on the stage singing back ground on "televison and shout." happy birthday to him.
5:15 pm
>> now to president obama. he is in washington today with no public events scheduled but his surrogates are very much front and center hitting the sunday talk shows. now live to washington, dc, with more on that story. steve? >>reporter: this is going to be a busy week with the candidates headed to the battleground states where the election will be decided in 44 days. ohio, colorado, all these on the list for the candidates, mitt romney will head to colorado. he will be in virginia later. he will also be in ohio. all the swing states were won by obama last time. in an interview with cbs, romney said the campaign is moving in the right direction. it does not need a turn around, he says. while the g.o.p. party chairman on the sunday talks acknowledged some difficulty over the leaked romney video, he sees a silver
5:16 pm
lining. >> we can look back at last week as a campaign and say, in a couple of months, this was the defining week in both campaigns where both campaigns, i think, are crystallizing around a central team. that is, what kind of future do we want for our kids and grandchild? >> president obama is planning a trip to ohio this week. both candidates will club this week. after visiting the u.n. tomorrow, for the opening session of the u.n. general assembly, he will appear this week, he then heads to ohio. he criticizeed romney other comments that were leaked, which romney said were "inelegant." >> what is the elegant way of saying 47 percent of the people
5:17 pm
in the country are moochers? i would love to hear the elegant phrasing of that. >> both sides of gearing up for the first presidential debate on october 3 in denver. >>heather: looking forward to that. thank you from washington, dc. we are following the journey of a group of warrior riders raising money across the country for families of fallen marines. yesterday, if you were watching, we checked in with the riders. they were just embarking on the incredible journey. >> you are already to go with the police escort leading you across america. gentleman, good luck. we will meet you in new york a week from now at the 9/11 memorial at ground zero. >>heather: before we meet them in new york, we will meet them right now. they were starting there in ocean side, california, headed all the way to ground zero in low wherever manhattan a
5:18 pm
distance of more than 3,000 miles in nine days of intense pedals. the ride organizers joins us live on the phone. i understand you are in prescott, arizona; that right? >> yes, just west of prescott. >>heather: why are you personally ease -- doing this? >> it is a way to continue to serve and support our military families and those we served with. >>heather: how is this playing out? we mentioned it is more than 3,000 miles. how many miles do you ride each day? >>guest: we have a group of 11 riders and four support crew. we have three support vehicles along with us. essentially, what we are doing is covering 450 miles during daylight hours with three distinct groups in the one
5:19 pm
larger group. it is very much a team effort. >>heather: how many miles have you ridden so far? >>guest: at the end of the day it will be just over 550 miles total and well finish this evening at flagstaff, arizona. >>heather: as you mentioned, obviouslyness is for a very good cause, trying to raise $1 million. how close are you to meeting your goal? >>guest: we are creeping up and are over a quarter of the way there. i have not checked in with our offices in new york, but i am hoping we are getting close. certainly a few more days to go. >>heather: what will the money go toward? >>guest: the money goes specifically to college scholarships of the children of fallen marines. we help the surviving parent offset the cost of college. health any personal stories as you are get people to decide if they should contribute?
5:20 pm
>>guest: we have a bunch of great people here and certainly trying to continue the mission of the guys we left behind which is to take care their families here because they are not here anymore. just trying to carry on their legacy. >>heather: the marine for law enforcement foundation, i found this moving statement, saying we are reminded that freedom is not free. the price is great. no one knows that better than the left-behind sons and daughters of america's fallen heroes. that right there is a good reason to continue to your cause today. >>guest: absolutely. absolutely. >>heather: thank you for joining us. good luck in your read. we will check back with you when you make it to new york to ground zero. thank you. >>guest: thank you. >>heather: in other news, a new report putting a fresh
5:21 pm
perspective on the state of the global economy. switching gears, sales of asian-made products are up in the united states. is that a sign of trouble for the united states or a sign that consumers are more comfortable spending money in we have a senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." thank you for joining us. this actually brings up a lot of opinions on either side. people always want to say, "made in america," that is what we want. is this a bad sign or a good sign? >>guest: japan's exports to the united states have gone up 17 percent this year alone. south korea is up 6 percent while total shipments from the countries have gone down. clearly, the united states has become the savior. we have been counting for many
5:22 pm
years that the developing economies, not the more developed ones like the united states, would really be the driver, the engine of the global economy. they would buy our goods. it is the other way around. the united states is barely growing as it is. there is no way that we can hold up the entire global economy. it raises a lot of issues what it means for our economy and what it means global. if we are going to fall into a worldwide difficult recession. >>heather: should we buy products made in the united states with an unemployment rate above 8 percent? >>guest: from a patriotic standpoint that make as lot of sense. but a lot of people would say you buy the products that are cheaper, possibly coming from the asian economies. if you are unemployed you go to the super market and you maenad be look at the "made in the usa" sign so there are different
5:23 pm
factors going on including currency, workforce, wage levels, all of that. >>heather: it is not a matter of just patriotism because we continue to the economies of other nations, whether it is japan or china or south korea and we really need that money here and our workers and businesses need that money here, so they can hire people and we can grow. >>guest: right and it would an great thing if everybody bought made in the usa but i don't know what to say. this points out that economies we were counting on to buy our "made in the usa" goods are not able to buy them. we hoped they would be growing faster, they are not. we are barely growing. absolutely, made in the usa is what we would like to have happen. that would boost our economy. at this point we do not have the places to send those exports to. we had been expecting we would be able to. this is a very, very troubling
5:24 pm
report. >>heather: thank you, brenda. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> caught on tape, three boys injured in an a.t.v. crash. surveillance camera rolls as one vehicle clips another. seconds later, a third a.t.v. comes crashing into the vehicles sending the boys flying. you can see the vehicle running over two people. florida police say the unjuried riders were airlifted to hospitals. the youngest, is 12 years old, and hospitalized in critical condition. >> coming up, brand new polling numbers to talk about in the run for the white house suggesting that the race may be tightening up. our campaign insiders weigh in.
5:25 pm
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5:30 pm
panda bay cub died today. here is a look inside the enclosure early today. keepers tried to revive the panda. there were no obvious signs of trauma or infection. >> turning now to new developments concerning the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed an american ambassador. fox news confirming that the f.b.i. is investigating whether the assault that killed arch stevens and three other members was an inside job. chief intelligence correspondent reports for us from washington. catherine? >>reporter: on the sunday talk shows the ahead of the house intelligence committee say the terrorists know much about the layout the consulate. >> they may have known the ambassador was there or in the area at time of the attack. 9/11 is probably more important to that equation that the ambassador. >> as to the security forces
5:31 pm
that melted away during the attack, intelligence forces say 100 militants attacked the consulate saying one thing for sure the 17th brigade was nowhere to be found and the americans were left on their own in the assault on the compound. the evidence points to a joint operation between al qaeda affiliate in north africa and sharia who supports the stabment of shammic estate. the head of the house intelligence committee saying that there is no strong evidence that the amateur video on youtube prompted the assault. on monday, fox was first to report there was no significant or sizable demonstration of the consulate when the attack unfolded. it was not a demonstration that spun out of control. the chairman of the house intelligence committee stated that publicly today. i have seen no information that shows there was a roast going on as you have seen around any or embassy at the time.
5:32 pm
it was clearly designed to be an attack. >> the f.b.i. in washington, dc, is not commenting on the investigation but agents are on the ground in libya. >>heather: thank you, catherine. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge in washington, dc. >> national polls this week giving president obama a slight lead over governor romney. according to the latest fox news poll, 48 percent of likely voters, likely voters, say they would vote for the president over governor romney. there is a change but the latest daily tracking polls which well get to in a moment suggesting that the race could be tightening up. is there still final for the republican nominee to convince voters otherwise? we will bring in our campaign insiders, john leboutillier, and pat caddell, a fox news contributor, and former pollster for president carter and doug
5:33 pm
schoen, former pollster for bill clinton. i get to join the guys today. these polls are changing every day. the latest fox news poll, let's talk about that. >>pat: they are changing each day because this is a very close race. we agree there is a slight obama advantage. i also think we agree, and i feel the election is by no means over. governor romney has had a rough stretch. president obama has benefited. bottom line is this is a race in flux and the debates will determine where we go. >>heather: you attribute that latest poll with obama up 5 week to the rough week of romney? >>doug: the romney campaign since the democratic national convention, romney campaign has been invisible and made gaffes.
5:34 pm
>>pat: romney campaign has two weeks of problems. obama campaign came out with the initiative. what is amazing, they keep closing up. there also is -- part of the problem is, which i get all the time, some of the polls are registered voters, some are likely voters, some have way too many democrats in them, some of them don't. what john said overall is true, there is no doubt that obama has been holding the upper hand. it is registering his job approval rating at 50, which is a problem for romney, and, also, people are thinking that there has been a coming down of the negativity about where the who is and where things are going. the republicans have not been dominating the we message. leboutillier i want to piggy back on this, too, heather. the polls that show this close are bad for romney.
5:35 pm
they think they put complacency into his campaign. on cbs the other night, there was an interview and romney said the race is tied. we are tied. if he believes it is tied and he is not behind, he will not have the dieses operation and the urgency he needs. we are surprised over what is going on in the romney campaign. last week he went six days without doing one rally in a swing state. it is incomprehensible with seven week those go. it is worrisome for those would look at this. >>heather: a look at latest gallup poll, a poll of registered voters. the poll puts president obama up by two points. with a margin of are -- error, that is a tie.
5:36 pm
>>doug: the numbers are jumping around. when you see poll numbers jumping around, you say to yourself, this is a fluid race. what pat and john said was equally true: the president's job approval is inching up and governor romney has yet to articulate a clear alternative pentagon for why people should vote for him. given that, the numbers are fluctuating. >>pat: the other day gallup had it even. >>heather: rasmussen still has it even. >>pat: but one poll had romney up several points. they bouncing around. the election is close. i agree with doug, the romney campaign has not been campaigning. this is hard to imagine. >>heather: can you comment on this last rasmussen poll, the
5:37 pm
undecided and voting "other." 8 percent up for grabs. when you talk about complacency, as you mentioned, that is an important number, the 8 percent. >> i believe in the passion deliver enshall. which side is more energized. in 2008, clearly the democrats and obama, after eight years of george w. bush, they were pumped to win the election. this year, my side, the republican side, has been much more energetic. the passion differential is gone according to the polls. this is some evidence there is more passion on the democratic side. >>pat: state polls which are somewhat exaggerateed, but they all show movement for obama. they show higher numbers of democrats intuesdayed. the des moines register did a story last week of the first
5:38 pm
77,000 absentee ballots cast in iowa. remember, iowa is slightly more republican registration than democrat but about equal with independents and republicans and democrats. the democrats have out of that 77,000 votes, a 50,000-vote advantage of people asked. >> that is not votes cast but requests for. >> with the 8 percent you were focusing on, heather, those people are up for grabs and they usually go against the incumbent but in the absence of a romney message they are froze be or moving back to obama which is why the numbers are jumping around. >> in the state polls, the obama people are promoting them and we have a bunch of them and they all she him ahead in key swing states. >>heather: let's talk about the key swing states. specifically, ohio, florida, and
5:39 pm
virginia. we have heard this said before, there is no way romney can win if he cannot win these three states. do you agree with that? taking a look at these numbers, what do they mean? >>guest: i have looked at these numbers and every poll in these three states. the florida numbers show a slight lead for president obama. there are other polls that are tighter. ohio fox news reflect the trend that the obama campaign has a clear lead that is unambiguous. virginia, again, there have been tighter polls, but bottom line, obama is ahead. if you look at the polls, what you said is exactly right: the president will be re-elected if he wins one of those three states. if he wins all three, it is a done deal. >> we have known that ohio is the one that romney has had trouble with which is why doug and i talk about why he should
5:40 pm
pick portman. the larger question here is, there is a sense of momentum. there are other media polls in the states and they are doing random questions. in a poll like i do on voter registration, of the actual voters, you get a different result. the media is driving a narrative that is supportive of the president having lock the this election way in the swing states i would say the president has had the upper hand but nowhere near the margins the state polls have. cow not have a national race this close and have all the swing states by definition in the "middle" with huge openings. he is driving a momentum to soar and the romney people are not
5:41 pm
helping. >>heather: we are thought done yet and there is a lost conflicting advise in the political world for governor romney's campaign as polls show him neck and neck with the president. with have our own experts and our campaign insiders will weigh in on what governor romney can do weeks away from election day. [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪ [ laughing ] seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around
5:42 pm
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>>heather: welcome back. a week away from the first presidential debate. six weeks away from the election day. what account campaigns do to win the election in the last critical election? we bring back our campaign insiders, doug schoen and pat caddell, and john leboutillier. now, the electoral map. it has changed. we have president obama picking up wisconsin. we have 247 versus 191.
5:46 pm
>> what this says, to me, that the consolidation that president obama needs is occurring. governor romney needs to change the dialogue. we have talked, pat, john, and i about the need for a positive message to revitalize the economy, create growth and create jobs. the governor has to do that quickly and boldly. as we said before, florida, ohio and virginia, one of those states goes to president obama and the race is over. >>heather: an opportunity to do that in the first debate. >> yogi bera said, it is getting late early. we will wait nine days for the election and there will be 35 days left from the first debate to the election. he needs to get this thing going now and get the thing of whatever he will say in the debate about changing the economy and his plan, he needs it this coming week leading into the first debate. >> part of the problem is not campaigning. we have talked about the swing
5:47 pm
statess slipping away. a "new york times" piece with romney doing one event today, but he also needs to deal with how passive he is. there are three campaign groups, one is the national media, one is obama and one is romney. the national media has thrown in with the president unprecedented in a way in our lifetime. and you talk about the new news from libya, but today on abc and nbc, now a word about the fact the white house misspoke or lied about whether this event was a result of the video, but it was a terrorist attack. we have pictures of the body of the ambassador being dragged through the states. 20 embassies were attack last
5:48 pm
week on one day and there was no footage in most networks. never in my lifetime has the press decided to say we are for someone and help them but stop telling the american public the truth. >> when you run you know the media is against you. >> but never like this. i agree. >> this time i knew it would be like this. they are in the tank to get the first african-american president re-elected. >> romney needs to step up and do something bold to counteract this bias. he needs to run against the media. >> how do you do that? >> you put an ad on tv with the plan and say this is why i should be president. >> an ad. >> an ad. >> speech. >> but, also, all the republican money and all the people are not
5:49 pm
doing this, why aren't they putting some of the footage up and saying to the american public, look, what you are not being told, last week, friday, we had the high of the number, gallup released a poll showing circuit -- 60 percent of the american people say the media cannot be trusted, the highest number in history. >> wouldn't you slay -- say there is paralysis in the media? >> we are baffled with the romney i campaign, the weird fundraising, and being outspent and outfund raised. we were told they raised more money than any challenger and we have scoffed since last week he doesn't have half as much money as we thought and there are 32,000 donor whose gave him the maximum in the primary whose have not given a benny in the general election.
5:50 pm
that is worth $81 million to run. >>heather: if you know the media is in the pocket for the democrat in the campaign and you have someone like the vice president misspeaking and being allowed to you do not have a lot of options, perhaps an ad would do it. hold it right there. we will be right back with predictions from the insiders on the week ahead. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic.
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>>heather: we are back with our campaign insiders, john leboutillier, pat caddell, and doug schoen. you wanted to reference something jumping off the subject. >> they need to give a speech. he needs to be more aggressive. the romney campaign cannot allow the media to sack the quaterback, and block for the other side and not make it an issue. they have to stop being so passive on foreign policy. >>heather: that happened with my panthers game with the giants. >> exactly. >> we were pleased with the giants. health -- >>heather: predictions? >> an embolden governor romney who will be very aggressive in
5:55 pm
the debate. that is how he will try to turn the corner on the campaign. >> that would be a mistake. i have the distinction of being the only -- designing the only debate ronald reagan lost against mondale l is an answer of what romney should do. i don't think they will get to it so if i say it they certainly won't so i won say it. absolutely opposite of what you are saying. >> to further pat's thought, i think that the romney campaign will not take any advice from any outsider on any part of the campaign, the hidden secret of what is going on. the entire republican knowledge base is trying to tell the romney campaign, offer up suggestions on how to fix things and they are all being rejected. any advise they are being offered about what to do is being rejected. i think to do a decent job in
5:56 pm
the debate it will not turn the race around. >> and beyond the debate release the 89 plan? >> that cuts medicare and medicaid and the budget. they need growth, not cutting budgets. >>heather: can you get more from the campaign insiders on monday at 10:30 a.m., eastern and they will be back here next sunday. and follow them on twitter. that is it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is up next. have a great evening. i will see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., with "fox and friends first." us. and everyone likes 50% more [ russian accent ] rubles. eh, eheh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way.
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